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All About What We Do

With over a decade of experience working for a Fortune 100 company, we know how it feels to be just another employee or just another customer.  Empire Insurance Group was formed to change the insurance world and how customers feel about finding insurance. We believe each customer is as important as a member of our company. At the core, Empire Insurance Group focuses on the needs and provides protection for you and your family. We also focus on giving back to our communities, to local schools, to the kids, and to those that could use a helping hand.  We are constantly finding better ways to improve on helping you and the community. Putting you first has allowed us to build many relationships, friendships and ability to help others along the way. 

Empire Insurance Group offers you a wide range of insurance products and customer support when you need it the most. Your search for an insurance agent ends today.  Welcome to our family and drop us a line! 

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